“John Bippus is your candidate on the August 5th election. This realization comes from not only the fact that this is his home area but also his 13 year membership in the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners, his current Chairmanship of the St. Joseph County Road Commission, and his State and National participation in the Michigan National Association of Realtors attest to this fact. It is easy to see that he has been preparing for this role for many years. When elected, John will work hard to reduce current tax burdens, defend hometown values, make public education a budget and policy priority, promote Michigan agriculture, improve and rebuild our roads and highways and promote public safety. John’s goal is to “make a difference” in the lives and environment of the people he will represent. On August 5th, elect the person best suited to represent citizens from our district, elect John Bippus as our State Representative from the 59th District.”
Julie Mayuiers


“I’ve had the pleasure of serving with John on the Michigan Guardianship Association Board of Directors. John is a man of character, with a practical, ‘roll-your-sleeves-up’ attitude. John is the kind of man you want representing you in Lansing.”
—Aaron Garn


“As Mayor of Three Rivers, I have had the privilege of working with John Bippus in local government and witnessing his dedication to the community. His long history of leadership and background in city, county, regional and state government speaks directly to the House of Representatives position he is seeking. He will bring years of dedicated involvement, leadership and a commitment to serve our district. He realizes the importance of hometown values, education, public safety and the need for road repair. His experience stems from years of public service and participation on commissions, boards and associations attempting to achieve improvements in all these areas. I especially appreciate that John is an independent thinker, by what I mean will weigh the benefits to the citizens when making decisions. John Bippus is a good man and best person qualified to represent the citizens in our district. Vote for John Bippus as our next State Representative of the 59th District.”
Tom Lowry, Mayor, Three Rivers


“John Bippus and I have assumed the leadership roles at the St. Joseph County Road Commission for the past several years. John understands how county government works, having previously served on the St. Joseph County Commission, and he values education as evidence by his current position on the Board of Trustees at Glen Oaks Community College.  

As a candidate for State Representative for the 59th district, John will work hard to ensure our roads and schools receive the funding they deserve.”
Richard Anderson, Vice Chairman, St. Joseph County Road Commission 


“At a time when we are all losing faith in our elected officials, John Bippus is a breath of fresh air. In my meetings and dealings with John, he has shown himself to be supremely interested and active in the communities he will serve. Most important, however, is John’s dedication to servant leadership, honesty, integrity and good old-fashioned common sense. I believe that John will make an excellent State Representative and will serve the interests of all of us no matter which side of the political divide. Our community should look forward to having someone in office who will be a shining example to our young people and is sure to restore our faith in the political system.”
Patricia Patano 


“John Bippus is an honest community-minded individual. His business acumen will translate well to a position in government. He would represent us well!”
Marcia Saunders


“Few possess John’s vast experience with private sector, municipal, infrastructure and educational issues.  Fewer yet have demonstrated his passion for serving the residents of St. Joe and Cass Counties.  John’s leadership as Chair of the St. Joe Co. Road Commission was instrumental in helping forge an enduring and mutually-beneficial partnership with Cass Co.  I can’t think of a better person to be our next state representative!”
—Dave Allen, VP, Midwest Energy Cooperative


“John Bippus is the right person to be the next state representative for the 59th District.  John has been involved in a variety of endeavors that will provide a balanced approach to representing the people of the 59th District.  He has been a successful independent businessman for many years.  He knows what needs to be accomplished in Lansing to further the growth of our businesses.

Blended into his business accomplishments is a strong desire for public service. John has been a city commissioner, county commissioner, road commissioner, community college trustee to name a few of his public experience.  John understands how to run a business, what is needed in an agricultural operation and how government should be a part of our district.   

I endorse John Bippus and excited to have him as our next representative of the 59th district.”
Taylor C. Snow, Retired, Bank Executive


“It is with great pleasure that I endorse the candidacy of Mr. John Bippus for the elected position of State Representative for the 59th District. I met John when he was the Board Chair of the Saint Joseph County Road Commission and we were developing the idea of a joint manager for the road commissions in Saint Joseph and Cass Counties. The easy thing for John to do was to say “no” and leave the road commissions separate. Obviously, that was not the action that he took.

  In fact he embraced the change because he had the vision to see the ability to make both Counties more efficient and effective. He dealt with the natural dissent with his decision but he never wavered in his commitment. Thru-out the process he was as concerned for the benefit of Cass County as he was for Saint Joseph County which he represented. He understood that for a joint agreement to work it has to benefit all parties.

  I have always found John to be forthright and interested in making the future better. He is honest in his dealings and is clear in his convictions. It is for these reasons that I endorse him for the position of State representative.”
Louis R. Csokasy, Cass County


“One of the areas I have come to fully appreciate is John’s willingness and ability to listen … the level of importance he places on listening to and understanding what is important to the individuals and communities he serves  is evident in the results of his work. He will be an excellent 59th District State Representative!”
Karen Webber,  Coordinator, Occupational Student Success Program, Glen Oaks Community College 


“We need professional people with experience to get involved in our state govt. … I feel John is one of the best … I will be fully supporting John in his campaign and urge others to take a close look at his approach to problem solving.  I would call his approach a ‘simple truth’  approach.”
—John Rivers, Dir. of Business Dev., Advanced Engineering & Environmental Services


“I know you will work hard to help the great State of Michigan and the 59th District. When you are our Representative I know you will do a fantastic job on the issues that are foremost in everyone’s mind. Thank You and Good Luck.”
Melanie Oswalt Pharmacy Technician at Three Rivers Health 


“I was elated when I learned you are running to replace Matt Lori. We need more people who understand the business environment and not people who serve their own interests.  Our interaction as members of our associated Road Commissions has allowed me to view your pragmatic approach to serious infrastructures issues that have haunted Michigan for years.”
Pete Fournier, Cass County Road Commissioner 


“I have known John Bippus for over thirty years and he has earned my vote of confidence. The root of that confidence comes from the respect I have for his parents, and how he was raised. John is a highly successful businessman and a respected politician who has demonstrated both common sense and innovative problem-solving.”
—Dan Tomlinson, Three Rivers Fire Chief


“As someone who is disenchanted with politics as usual at home, in Lansing and in Washington, John’s candidacy is refreshing.  Seeing capable and honest men and women step forward to run for office restores my faith in Government, one election at a time.  With common-sense, real world skills and a passion for involvement in the local community, I believe John will represent this district well, and he has my vote and enthusiastic support.”
EK Judsen, USMC Retired, CEO , Geek Genius 


“It is great to have you run. I find some peace with the idea of having someone who is committed to getting things done that truly effect people’s lives. Thanks for putting yourself out there.”
John Howie, Director, GilChrist 


“John is very involved in his community; he cares about people and has a vast knowledge of business. A positive leader that is working hard for the greatest outcome no matter what project he takes on.”
Laura Fuller 


“I have had the pleasure to know John since they moved to Three Rivers many years ago. John has always been a great person and is a wonderful man to lead our District.”
Larry Grubbs


“John is an intelligent person who has the ability to tackle complex issues with innovative solutions. Those skills will be an asset for our entire State when John is in the legislature.”
Joseph Bippus, Three Rivers City Manager 


“John has impressed me with his determination to build his company by expanding his customer service perspective. A slogan for his business is “Doing business at the speed of trust.” I was excited to learn that he seeks to be elected to the Michigan House of Representatives. I know that his interests are in serving the needs of his constituents and that he will always be professional, hardworking and a listener to the people of his district”
Mark Angott, President, Angott Search Group