How to Be Successful

By: John Bippus

Be Goal-Oriented

Goal oriented individuals know that success isn’t an

idea far into the future. Rather it is a series of smaller steps that are

designed to reach a desired destination or goal. Goal oriented

individuals understand that goals are helpful not only to plan how to

attain a goal but also to help stay motivated and focused.

Be Confident

Success takes confidence in yourself and your ideas.

Where does confidence come from? It comes from a belief in

yourself, your knowledge, your skills, and your ideas. Of course it is

difficult to feel 100% confident 100% of the time however it is

important to give the image of confidence when dealing with

employees, associates, and customers 100% of the time. A confident

image will go a long way toward achieving success.

Be Optimistic

Your frame of mind is so vital to your success. The old phrase,

each cloud has a silver lining is true. The challenge, the secret to

success is to search for that silver lining even when it seems to be

obscured. Silver linings are opportunities. If each cloud is allowed to

dominate thought and action opportunities will be missed and the

road to success will be much longer and more difficult to travel.

Be Persistent

Persistence and the ability to pick yourself up and dust yourself off after a

failure is key.  Failure is a part of life and it is most certainly a

part of success. How you deal with failure, if you give up or if you

forge ahead and press on will determine your success.

Be Patient

It may sound cliché but, we’ve used a few cliché’s here

already because they’re appropriate. Success doesn’t happen

overnight. Patience is an absolute must. Of course patience isn’t the

only skill for success; it must be combined with persistence and

perseverance. Just sitting back and waiting for success doesn’t make

it happen. You must balance patience and drive  to succeed.

Be Resilient

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly. You might

think of it as the getting back up on the horse after you’ve been

thrown philosophy. Resilience is an absolute must for success

because failure will happen and how you handle it and how long it

takes you to recover have a direct effect not only on whether you

achieve success but how long it will take you to get there.

Be Courageous

Success takes courage. Not because people fear success,

though that does happen. More often, people fear failure and failure

goes hand in hand with success. In fact, some people define success

as the ability to overcome failure.

Be Passionate

Success must have passion. The two go hand in hand.

Without it, how will you be motivated to continue through stumbles,

failures, and how will you stay optimistic and confident?

Be Willing to Take a Risk.

This is quite often one of the most

difficult aspects of attaining success. Taking risks is difficult for

everyone. However when you’re passionate and confident about your

business, risk taking isn’t quite as intimidating. In fact, it can be

downright invigorating and fun.

Be Integrity.

Finally, integrity, which isn’t often discussed as an aspect

of success, is essential for success. Everyone you work with on your

road to success will play a role in it. How you treat those people will

have a direct effect on your success. Treat people with integrity and

respect and they’ll treat you in kind.