Rich Horwath’s Strategy for You is about strategic thinking for a better life. Strategy is how you plan to get from your current position to your goals. A bridge helps you get from where you are, to where you want to go. It helps you overcome obstacles, spans gaps and helps us reach our full potential.

If we are unhappy and have a desired destination, we have to plan. We have to be conscious of how we utilize our resources, invest our time in activities to keep us actively engaged, invest in relationships that strengthen bonds and secure our finances. He provides us with a 5 step plan to create a strategic plan – bridge.

Create a Strategic Plan in 5 Steps

1. DISCOVER – Find your bridge’s location, where you are and were you want to go. What do you want to change? What is your purpose? What do you want and why?

2. DIFFERENTIATE – What is makes your personal bridge unique? This is about finding the style and characteristics that set you apart.

3. DECIDE – Choose the materials. This means there will be trade offs. Allocate your resources to achieve your goals.

4. DESIGN – Build it. Write down and create the plan for your life.

5. DRIVE – Move across the bridge! Take action and guide your actions to move you forward. Don’t let distractions stop your progression.

Strategy for you

Many people may stumble with step 1, DISCOVER. Here are a few questions to help you DISCOVER your personal purpose.
-What do I want?
-Why do I want it?
-How will I know when I get it?
-What are my time-frames in life?
-When was a time I was deeply excited?
-What are my list of values?
-What themes run through my moments of excitement?
-Can I identify my potential channels?

On a final thought: Embrace the style that makes you unique. We have to accept the uncertainty because excellence is deviation from the norm.