Make Your Own Rules

Make Your Own Rules: A Renegade Guide to Unconventional Success

by Wayne Rogers with Josh Young

Make Your Own Rules is a collection of insights, wisdom, interesting personal accounts and experiences gained through years of forging his own way in the business world. Of extreme importance to Rogers is a set of basic, commonsense principles that have guided him through his many endeavors—values, he believes, that add benefit both personally and professionally. Things like doing your homework before entering into a transaction, knowing what you’re up against in a given situation and choosing to partner with people of integrity are simple yet steadfast rules that have taken Rogers to the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success.

Whether you are setting out as an entrepreneur for the first time or looking for a new way to achieve your goals, this may be the guidance you need to achieve success of your very own.

  • Discover ways to utilize creativity in business pursuits
  • Find out how small business can be successful working within a system that favors large corporations
  • Understand why you should question conventional business methods
  • Learn the importance of doing sufficient homework before entering into a new business venture