The 5 Essentials:  Using Your Inborn Resources to Create a Fulfilling Life

by Bob Deutsch, PH.D., with Lou Aronica

Renowned scientists, athletes or artisans seem like outliers in the game of life. But what if the qualities they possess are the same qualities accessible to everyone? While The 5 Essentials is not a guidebook for success, it takes readers through a process that teaches them to analyze self-perceptions and their environment. The authors offer these five essentials in order to effectively wield innate resources and climb the heights of achievement that few reach:

Curiosity: Although familiarity feels good when it comes to friends, restaurants and sweatpants, it can drive away curiosity and squelch creative approaches to problem solving. Without curiosity there can be no exploration, growth or movement toward the potential within every human being.

Openness: In the business world, narrow-mindedness can mean missing out on profitability or efficiency. Understanding that each department has not necessarily predetermined every eventuality opens the doors for change, which can send companies on the fast track to greater success.

Sensuality: Feeling, listening to and observing the surrounding world seems easy. Turning the tables and doing the same to one’s self is another story. Paying attention creates a level of self-awareness that is invaluable in determining whether one’s emotional or physical state needs a tune-up.

Paradox: The most beneficial occurrences often come when things don’t make sense. In the midst of paradox, when evidence is contradictory, people tend to look past the obvious answer and challenge the status quo.

Self-Story: If the first four essentials are what make up a person’s figurative engine, then the fifth essential, Self-Story, adds turbocharge. Self-Story requires individuals to understand what they are about. Not in an autobiographical way, but learning instead to discover an authentic version of who a person is and can become.

The 5 Essentials offers research-laced examples of how choosing an uncharted pathway could be the surest way to find happiness and success. You will learn from this book:

  • How to slow down and focus
  • Why flexibility is essential for growth
  • How to approach challenges with fresh perspective
  • Why comfort is the enemy of progress