Grateful Leadership by Judith Umlas

Giving acknowledgement is a hard skill to teach and learn, but it is a skill we all have and can develop. Acknowledgement can change moods for the giver and recipient. It changes the level of engagement and effects the bottom line. Leaders who are grateful will have a positive impact on teams, organizations and what they can achieve.

Grateful leaders see, recognize and express appreciation and gratitude for employees and other stakeholder contributions. Expressing gratitude and getting to know employees as people, motivates individuals.


All the above noncash motivators are no less or even more effective than financial incentives.

Praise and acknowledgement creates employee engagement, when employees are not adequately recognized, they are 3 times more likely to quit in the next year, costing lots of money. A study shows that productivity loss resulting from disengaged workers is equal to about $3 BILLION DOLLARS!

For grateful leadership: Be conscious, make the choice, have the courage, communicate and commit to acknowledging and appreciating your employees!

You will see positive change including fewer sick days, higher dollars brought in and number of years they stay with you. It will make a happier environment. Acknowledgment builds trust, empowering your employees to reach out in areas they might not feel secure and overcoming the fear of making a mistake.

Employees come to work every day to support goals and missions of your organization. How they show up, depends to a great extent, on you.