The Balance Myth by Teresa Taylor

We all struggle to choose and sacrifice one thing for another. How do you make life meaningful, minus the guilt? Teresa Taylor says to take each day in pieces. Remind yourself that you cannot control everything, but you can control how you react. She suggests thinking in layers:

1. Time Management – Assign a time limit for completing items on your list. Don’t spend extra time making things perfect, and accept that this is the best you can do with the time you have.
2. One Calendar – Family, work, and everything in between need to be on one calendar. Give 100% to what you have to do, rather than multi-task.
3. Weekends – You can utilize the secret weapon of weekends to catch up on things that may have fallen to the way-side during the week.
4. Childcare – Find the right childcare and you will feel less guilty about not being with your children. Make backup plans, the more the better.
5. Layers to work – Let go and trust others.

Taylor also throws in some networking tips:

1. Networking is NOT pitching a product or asking for help. Don’t use people for personal gain.
2. Remove distractions and discomforts. How you present yourself is reflective of your ideas.
3. Be genuine. Find a connection with genuine curiosity. Seek to give, not to receive. Neediness is a turn off.
4. FOLLOW UP. Make a connection last longer by finding another reason to communicate. Drop an email or a personal phone call.

Our abilities to identify resources in our everyday interactions can enable us to accomplish more, find opportunities and provide needed safety nets and support. Collectively we function better  with assistance from others. Find your support system, make a list of the things you want to accomplish today, delegate some things on your list, follow up with people and make time for your loved ones!