With the new year beginning, it’s time to adjust the focus. For a better resolution, think about an opportunity for positive change. Productivity is one goal we can all focus our attention. Try starting here:

1. Plan Out Each Day – Take a few minutes to write down your plan for the day and more will get done.

2. Focus On Weaker Areas – Invest time in the areas you can improve the most.

3. Limit Social Media – Estimate a time limit and schedule it for a specific time each day. This will open up more opportunities to focus on your tasks and reduce wasted time.

4. Improve Your Workspace – Get organized! Keep your work area clean with the resources you need to perform your best with minimal distractions.

5. Take Care of Your Health – To provide your body with the energy and capability to be successful and achieve your goals, it is VITAL to make time for exercise, eating healthy and getting enough rest. Take time to unplug and unwind.

Hope this helps start the steps towards a productive and happy 2015!