Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, sold his first company at age 24 for 265 million, 10 years later sold his next company for 1.2 billion.

Hsieh drew business lessons from everywhere in his life. Delivering Happiness describes Hsieh’s connection of the path to profits, passion and purpose. This book can apply to individuals and business owners/leaders. I will summarize this book in two major lessons!


Hsieh drew many business lessons from what he learned playing poker. It is so important to educate yourself, read books and learn from others! Hsieh is a clear example of how to learn from doing. He grew on his success by finding the right ‘table’ to sit at, or business to be in. He realized you can define your own table, or business, but it is easy to get caught up with what you are doing and forget that you have the option to change. You need a conscious effort to over come your current situation. It’s never to late to change tables! Asking for advice, working to find the right strategy and continuing to learn will equip you with the tools to create your path to profits, passion and purpose.


Your Brand is important and you have the power to shape it. How do you build a brand for the long term? CULTURE! Culture is your brand. With the internet, companies are becoming more transparent with blogs, reviews, emails, twitter. Every interaction with an employee can affect how you perceive the company’s brand. Create core values and commit to them. Don’t just put them on a plaque in the lobby and review them during hiring, but commit to them so they become the default way of thinking companywide. Core values will shape the culture.

A few action steps from Delivering Happiness:
-Think about your passion and how you can work towards maximizing your happiness each day.
-Review your companies values and higher purpose.
-Integrate core values into every part of your business.
-Build a positive team and family spirit into the culture of your company.


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