Positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout

This book focuses on how to connect with potential customers through all the marketing noise.

Positioning is what you do in the mind of your prospect to get heard and noticed. With all the over communication and constant advertisements on phones, computers, televisions, billboards and buses, how can we compete?

3 Positioning Points

1 – Simplify The Message – Less is more. Whether you are positioning a product, service or yourself, sharpen your message to cut in the mind. With all of the sensory overload, only a tiny fraction of messages get through. Over simplified messages are the best method to cope with complexity. Get on the same wavelength as the prospect!

2 – Build on Prior Knowledge – Touch base with reality and information already in the prospect’s mind. It is almost impossible to create something that doesn’t already exist or change minds. Instead, focus on giving information that can match the prospect’s prior knowledge and experience. Position yourself against the existing, for example the first car was called a “horseless carriage” positioning the new product against the old horse and carriage.

3 – Teach – After finding a window into the prospect’s mind, and building your message on prior knowledge, teach your prospect something new. People do not want their minds changed, and they do not want to be told information they already know.

Ries and Trout also communicate the importance of accepting help and keeping your business friends close. It’s not easy to succeed by yourself!

Positioning by Jack Trout