Live Your Dreams by Les Brown is a motivational read encouraging you to STAY HUNGRY.

Brown says we need to find motivation that matters deeply and focus on the goal. He states to make a difference, find and nurture your goodness and passion. We are born with purpose. It is time to accept responsibility for that purpose and control who we are.

Here are 5 KEY STEPS to help you achieve your dreams:

1.  Take responsibility for your life – You only get one shot. Make this the life that you want. Be accountable for the decisions and actions you make. Own up to your life! You are in control.

2.  Focus on your goals – Review your goals regularly. Stay focused on what you want to achieve and recognized the achievements you have made. Think about the actions need to take to move towards your goals. Analyze your plan and create a timeline. Develop conviction that YOU CAN accomplish your goals.

3.  Turn negativity into a powerful force – Don’t let negativity control you. Limitations are self imposed. LET GO of anger and negativity and refuse to let it hold you back. Use it as fuel to motivate and push you towards your desired destination. You have the courage to push obstacles aside and move forward.

4.  Polish communication skills – Speak with people. Engage in conversation. Take opportunities to interact with others. Be an active listener. Make eye contact. SMILE. Practice! Get acquainted with people. Strong communication skills form a likable public image and confident self-identity.

5.  CHANGE. – Get moving and take action! Experiencing something new, making discoveries and breaking out your comfortable system is the only way to improve and move forward. Growth is the result of embracing change. Insanity = doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

PURSUE your dreams.

Les Brown