On Tuesday, December 10th, John Bippus and BippusUSA.com team members Becky Myers and Loren Sampson toured the State Capitol with Matt Lori and his staff. Bippus won the tour from a fundraiser for Southwestern Michigan College that Representative Lori generously donated.

We met Representative Lori in his office before session started at 10:00 am. He shared with us his experience in the Michigan House of Representatives over the years. We had the privilege of meeting his wonderful staff and enjoying his view of the Capitol building from his office window.

After Representative Lori left for session, Chief of Staff Susan Martin guided us through the State Capitol, sharing knowledge about the history and renovation of the beautiful building. We went into the Senate and House of Representative sessions and observed the ins and outs of how our state government runs.

John at MI Capitol

In the House session we witnessed the second reading of bill 68-SB 665 making Michigan State Capitol a historic site, bill 69-SB 666 authorizing the Michigan capitol committee to provide advice and recommendations to the Michigan State Capitol commission, among other bills.

As session broke for a break, Representative Lori took us to a popular local eatery for a delicious lunch. He gave insight on the state legislative processes and his favorite parts of his job.

We had a wonderful day at the Capitol with a huge thanks to Representative Lori and his staff for hosting us. His term ends December 31st, 2014 and he will be leaving big shoes to fill!

John and Matt Lori